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Coastal Resources Commission :: June 2006 Meeting Agenda

June 22-23, 2006
City Hotel and Bistro, Greenville NC

Thursday, June 22nd

7:30   Executive Committee Meeting (Hotel Restaurant)

8:30 COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER (Salons 2 & 3) - Courtney Hackney, Chair

        Roll Call

        Approval of March 23-24, 2006 Meeting Minutes

        Executive Secretary’s Report - Charles Jones

        Chairman's Comments - Courtney Hackney

        Variance Procedures - Jill Hickey


   King - Nags Head (CRC-VR-05-06) - Merrie Jo Alcoke

   Alford Thompson, Camden Co. (CRC-VR-06-15)- Christine Goebel

   Buddy Martin, Oak Island (CRC-VR-06-16) - Christine Goebel, Rufus Allen

   Sandra Wooten (Lot 6), Oak Island (CRC-VR-06-17) - Merrie Jo Alcoke

   Sandra Wooten (Lot 7), Oak Island (CRC-VR-06-18)- Merrie Jo Alcoke

   Kirkbride,  Carolina Beach (CRC-VR-06-20) - Christine Goebel

12:00    PUBLIC INPUT AND COMMENT - Courtney Hackney

12:15   LUNCH



Implementation and Standards Committee (Salons 2 & 3) -  Bob Emory, Chair

        Fresh Pond Public Water Supply AEC Boundary (I&S-06-14) - Ted Tyndall

        Structure Repair vs. Replacement Rule – Continued (I&S-06-15) - Roy Brownlow

        Amendment to 15A NCAC 7H .0308 – Beach Nourishment (I&S-06-16) - Tancred Milller

        Update on EMC’s Universal Stormwater Management Program (I&S-06-17)  - Mike Lopazanski


        Sand Bag Alignment, Height and Timeline (I&S-06-18) - Jim Gregson


        Pier Permits and Easements – AG’s Opinion - Jill Hickey


        Update on Estuarine Shoreline Stabilization Subcommittee and the Biological & Physical Processes Workgroup (I&S-06-19) - Bonnie Divito


Planning and Special Issues Committee (Salon 1) - Bill Peele, Chair

        Former Utilized Defense Sites (FUDs) Overview - John Baden, USACE

        Wilmington/New Hanover LUP Certification (P&SI-06-06) - Mike Christenbury

        Pender County LUP Certification (P&SI-06-07) - Mike Christenbury

        Varnamtown Workbook Certification (P&SI-06-08) - Mike Christenbury

        Estuarine Water Access Experience - Bobby Roberson, City of Washington

        Continued Discussion – NCAC 7M Public Beach and Coastal Waterfront Access - John Thayer


        Vertical Expansion of Structures Under Urban Waterfront Rules NCAC 7H .209(g) (P&SI-06-09) - Mike Lopazanski


        Planning Issues/Updates - John Thayer



        CAMA GP Approval Procedures: 15A NCAC 07H .1102, 07H .1302, 07H .2102


        GP Fee Increases:  15A NCAC 07H.1103, 07H .1203, 07H .1303, 07H .1403, 07H .1503, 07H .1603, 07H .1703, 07H .1803, 07H .1903, 07H .2003, 07H .2103, 07H .2203, 07H .2303, 07H .2403, 07H .2503, 07H .2603, 07H .2703


Friday, June 23rd

8:00     COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER  (Salons 2&3) - Courtney Hackney, Chair


        CRAC Report - Bill Morrison

        Report from P&SI Committee  - Bill Peele

        Report from I&S Committee - Bob Emory


     Static Vegetation Line Discussion (CRC-06-03) - Jeff Warren

     Definition of Large Structures & Oceanfront Setbacks (CRC-06-04) - Jeff Warren

     Florida’s Approach to Permitting Beach Nourishment Projects - Paten Woodruff, FL Dept. of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems

     CHPP Implementation Update - Jimmy Johnson, DENR

     North Carolina Community Conservation Assistance Program - Shelly Miller, New Hanover Soil & Water Conservation

ACTION ITEMS  - Courtney Hackney

        Adopt Amendment to CAMA GP Approval Procedures: 15A NCAC 07H .1102, 07H .1302, 07H .2102

        Adopt GP Fee Increases:  15A NCAC 07H.1103, 07H .1203, 07H .1303, 07H .1403, 07H .1503, 07H .1603, 07H .1703, 07H .1803, 07H .1903, 07H .2003, 07H .2103, 07H .2203, 07H .2303, 07H .2403, 07H .2503, 07H .2603, 07H .2703

        Adopt Amendment to Presentation to Coastal Resources Commission for Certification: 15A NCAC 7B .0802

OLD/NEW BUSINESS - Courtney Hackney


Sept. 21-22, 2006
Hilton, Wilmington

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