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Coastal Resources Commission :: September 2006 Meeting Agenda

Sept. 21-22, 2006
Hilton, Wilmington NC

Thursday, Sept. 21

7:30   Executive Committee Meeting (Hotel Lobby)

8:30 COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER (Camellia & Azalea) - Courtney Hackney, Chair

        Roll Call

        Approval of June 22-23, 2006 Meeting Minutes

        Executive Secretary’s Report - Charles Jones

        Chairman's Comments - Courtney Hackney

        Variance Procedures - Jill Hickey


  • William Ferris – (CRC-VR- 06-19) Town of Oak Island (Ocean setback) - Merrie Jo Alcoke

  • Norton – (CRC-VR- 06-21) Brunswick County (Non-water dependent structure over wetlands) - Merrie Jo Alcoke

  • B& D Investments – (CRC-VR- 06-22) Wrightsville Beach (Riparian setback) - Merrie Jo Alcoke

  • Coral Bay Ridge, LLC – (CRC-VR- 06-23) Carteret County (Buffer) - Christine Goebel

  • Margaret LeNeave – (CRC-VR- 06-24) Ocean Isle Beach (Buffer) - Christine Goebel

  • Andy Simmons - (CRC-VR- 06-25) Brunswick County (Dredging in PNA) - Christine Goebel

12:00    PUBLIC INPUT AND COMMENT - Courtney Hackney

12:15   LUNCH



Implementation and Standards Committee (Camellia & Azalea) -  Bob Emory, Chair

        DWQ Acceptance of Permeable Pavement Systems (I&S-06-26) - Tancred Miller

        Static Vegetation Line Discussion (I&S-06-20) - Jeff Warren

        Ocean Development Setback Discussion (I&S-06-22) - Jeff Warren

        Wetland and Marsh Alteration (I&S-06-21) - Terry Moore

        Draft Exception to Buffer Rule for Stormwater Ordinance (I&S-06-23) - Mike Lopazanski


        Water Depth and Pier Construction (I&S-06-24) - Rich Weaver


        Recommendations of Multi-slip Docking Facility Advisory Group (I&S-06-27)  - Walter Clark, NC Sea Grant


        Update on Estuarine Shoreline Stabilization Subcommittee and the Biological & Physical Processes Workgroup (I&S-06-25) - Bonnie Bendell


Planning and Special Issues Committee (Carolina & TIdewater) - Bill Peele, Chair

  • Ocean and Estuarine access experiences in Surf City and Ocean Isle Beach - Michael Moore, Surf City; Justin Whiteside, Ocean Isle Beach

                 Wrightsville Beach LUP Certification (P&SI-06-10) - Mike Christenbury

            Urban Waterfront development - Wilmington - Susi Hamilton, Exec. Dir., Wilmingtown Downtown Inc.

            Review of Variance Rules (P&SI-06-12) - Jill Hickey

            LUP Implementation Status Report (P&SI-06-11) - Steve Underwood

     Planning Issues/Updates - John Thayer



        Public Hearing and Local Adoption Requirements (15A NCAC 07B .0801)

        General Use Standards for Ocean Hazard Areas (15A NCAC 07H .0306)

  • Technical Standards for Beach Fill Projects (15A NCAC 07H .0312)


Friday, Sept. 22

8:00     COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER  (Camellia & Azalea) - Courtney Hackney, Chair


        CRAC Report - Bill Morrison

        Report from P&SI Committee  - Bill Peele

        Report from I&S Committee - Bob Emory


        Update on New Civil Penalties Authority  -  Roy Brownlow

        Review of LUP Rules for CertificationSteve Underwood

        Offshore Issues Update  -  Mike Lopazanski

             The North Carolina Coastal Reserve: Site-Based Research, Stewardship, and Education to Inform Coastal Management - Rebecca Ellin

ACTION ITEMS  - Courtney Hackney

        Adopt Single Family Residences Exempted:  15A NCAC 07K.0208

        Approval of CHPP Annual Report (CRC-06-03) - Mike Lopazanski

OLD/NEW BUSINESS - Courtney Hackney


November 16-17, 2006

Sheraton Hotel, Atlantic Beach


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