North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources
NC Division of Coastal Management


March 22 & 23, 2001
Riverfront Convention Center, New Bern

Executive Order No. 127 mandates that the chairman (1) remind members of their duty to avoid conflicts of interest or appearances of conflict, and (2) inquire as to whether any member knows of any known conflict of interest or appearance of conflict with respect to matters before the commission.  If any member knows of a conflict of interest or appearance of conflict, please so state when requested by the chairman.

Thursday, March 22

7:30 Executive Committee Meeting (TBA)

8:30 COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER (Tryon Room) -- Gene Tomlinson, Chair

  • Roll Call

  • Approval of January Minutes

  • Executive Secretary’s Report -- Donna Moffitt

  • CRAC Report -- Wade Horne

  • Shellfish Report -- David Beresoff


Implementation and Standards Committee (Tryon) -- Courtney Hackney, Chair

  • Election of Vice Chair -- Courtney Hackney

  • Subcommittee Reports

  • Coastal Hazards -- Pricey Harrison

  • Estuarine Shoreline Stabilization -- Ernest Larkin

  • Exception to Buffer for Small Lots – Permanent Rule (I&S-01-05) -- Bill Crowell

  • Accessory Uses (I&S-01-06) -- Ted Tyndall

  • Sand Fence Requirements (I&S-01-07) -- James Rosich

  • High Hazard Flood Area AEC Permit Relief (I&S-01-08) -- Charles Jones

Planning and Special Issues Committee (Berne Room) -- Peggy Griffin, Chair

  • LUP Amendment - Wilmington/New Hanover Co. (P&SI-01-3) -- Alex Marks

  • Name Change for Management Objectives -- Ginger Webster

  • 7L - Proposed Funding for Land-Use Planning (P&SI-01-2) -- Kathy Vinson

  • Report on Smart Growth Commission -- Pricey Harrison

11:45 LUNCH

1:15 Public Input and Comments -- Gene Tomlinson

1:45 CAMA Land-Use Planning Guideline Revisions (Tryon) -- Steve Underwood

  • Subchapter 7B Land-Use Planning Requirements Revisions

Section: .0400 Plan Review, Approval and Certification
0401 State Review and Comment on Preliminary Draft Plan
.0402 Public Hearing and Local Adoption Requirements
.0403 Presentation to Coastal Resources Commission for Approval
.0404 Required Periodic Implementation Status Reports

Section: .0500 Land-Use Plan Amendments
Section .0302 Land-Use Plan Management Objectives

4:30 Public Hearing -- Gene Tomlinson

  • Amendments to Vegetation Line Determination Prior to Beach Nourishment Projects (7H.0305)


6:00 RECEPTION (Riverfront Convention Center)

Hosts: Weyerhaeuser, Weyerhaeuser Real Estate, City of New Bern, Craven County

Friday, March 23

8:30 COMMISSION CALL TO ORDER (TBA) -- Gene Tomlinson, Chair

Variance Requests

  • Woody H. Wilkinson (CRC-V-01-02) -- David Heeter

  • Koslow (CRC-V- 01-04) -- David Heeter

  • Petrea (CRC-V-01-08) -- David Heeter

  • Krentz (CRC-V-01-09) -- David Heeter

  • Thompson Heirs (CRC-V-01-10) -- David Heeter


  • Report from I&S Committee -- Courtney Hackney

  • Report from P&SI Committee -- Peggy Griffin

11:00 ACTION ITEMS -- Gene Tomlinson

  • Appoint CRC nominating committee for CRC Vice Chair


  • Report from Ad-Hoc Committee on Cost-Saving Measures for CRC Meetings -- Bob Barnes


NEXT MEETING: May 22 & 23,
Archdale Building, Raleigh

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