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Coastal Management News :: Public Review - Assessment and Strategy

Assessment and Strategy
NC Coastal Management Program
FY 2011-2015
Public Review

The NC Division of Coastal Management invites you to review and provide comments on the draft document titled, “Assessment and Strategy of the North Carolina Coastal Management Program.”  This document represents the most recent program assessment of nine specific coastal zone enhancement areas and the next five-year program enhancement strategy (FY 2011-2015).

Section 309 of the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) establishes a voluntary coastal zone enhancement grants program to encourage states to develop program changes in one of the following nine coastal zone enhancement areas:

·  public access,
·  coastal hazards,
·  ocean resources,
·  wetlands,
·  cumulative and secondary impacts,
·  marine debris,
·  special area management plans,
·  energy and government facility siting,
·  aquaculture.

Under this program, the Secretary of Commerce is authorized to make awards to states to develop and submit for federal approval program changes that support attainment of the objectives of one or more of enhancement areas (above).  Every five years, states conduct a detailed program assessment of the nine enhancement areas and, as a result, identify high priority areas for inclusion in a five-year strategic plan.

The Division of Coastal Management has completed its draft assessment with regard to the nine coastal zone enhancement areas and, as a result, has identified two high priority enhancement areas for inclusion in its next five-year strategic plan (FY2011-2015):  COASTAL HAZARDS and OCEAN RESOURCES.  Through this Strategy, DCM will develop the information and tools necessary to provide for new and /or revised regulations, authorities, guidelines, procedures, policy documents and memoranda of agreement that will result in meaningful improvements in coastal resource management on three major fronts: oceanfront shoreline, estuarine shoreline and coastal/ocean environment. 

This draft was submitted to NOAA on June 30, 2010 and is currently being reviewed by their staff.  We will be conducting a public review period concurrently with NOAA’s review of this document.  Please send all written comments related to this document to Guy Stefanski, NC Division of Coastal Management, 1638 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC  27699-1638 or by email at guy.stefanski@ncdenr.govAll public comments are due by August 31, 2010.  The final document is due to NOAA by November 1, 2010.



Last Modified: July 19, 2010

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