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Salt marsh

Wetlands: Their Functions and Values in Coastal North Carolina

Learn what wetlands do and why they are worth protecting.

Get to Know Coastal Wetlands 

Find out about the plant species located in coastal wetlands.

Wetlands Conservation Plan

This plan is designed to help governments, businesses and the public make better resource management decisions.

This presentation, which can be downloaded in Microsoft PowerPoint (7.49MB), gives an overview of wetlands and Coastal Management's GIS data. It is useful for educators and others interested in wetland types and functions.

The Division of Coastal Management uses geographic data to compile a wetlands inventory.

Wetland Restoration 

Coastal Management has developed a procedure for ranking restoration and enhancement sites.

NC-CREWS Wetland Functional Assessment

Coastal Management developed a GIS model to assess wetland functions on a watershed basis.

North Carolina Coastal Explorers

Take a virtual tour of the many unique coastal environments in North Carolina.

Download DCM Wetland Data and Documents

This page contains zipped shapefiles for download into a GIS application such as ArcView or ArcInfo.

Wetlands Interactive Mapping Tool

NC DCM's wetlands map viewer has been updated. Create maps and query coastal wetlands data.

Wetlands Links

A listing of Web sites where you can find additional wetlands information.

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