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DCM's Mission, Vision & Values


The Division of Coastal Management works to protect, conserve and manage North Carolina's coastal resources through an integrated program of planning, permitting, education and research.

DCM's vision for the North Carolina coast

A healthy, diverse and economically sound coastal environment for the enjoyment and benefit of citizens and visitors, achieved through a model program using partnerships, education and the best science to shape publicly supported policies and decisions.

DCM's core values

Work Ethic – Provide the highest level of service to our customers, partners and co-workers with pride, integrity and respect.

Education – Use every opportunity to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of coastal issues, ecology, and resources.

Excellence – Committed to the highest quality products and services through innovation, efficiency and continuous evaluation of program effectiveness.

Productive Partnerships – Using teams and other appropriate means, collaborate with federal, state and local governments, organizations, businesses and individuals to successfully achieve common goals.

Stewardship – Manage natural resources in an informed and intelligent manner that balances multiple uses with a long-term perspective on sustainability.

Catalyst for Innovation and Change – Stimulate new thinking, greater stakeholder involvement, supportive research and effective planning to achieve sustainability of coastal resources.

Strategic planning focus for next three to five years

  • Coastal hazards / beachfront management

  • CAMA permit-tracking database for DENR accountability and cumulative & secondary impact assessment

  • Education and outreach for Coastal Reserves, land-use planning and regulatory program

Interim objectives & initiatives

  • Improve plans and databases on coastal hazards.

  • Improve wetlands management tools.

  • Support implementation of local government land-use plans developed under CAMA jurisdiction.

  • Enact internal process improvements.

  • Ensure opportunities for citizens and tourists to learn about, access and use coastal resources.

DCM program-enhancement obligations to NOAA

  • Enhance coastal hazards program through rulemaking, technology and planning.

  • Change the wetlands program by developing new methods, incorporating wetland mitigation banking into the Coastal Management Program, and revising the mitigation policy.

  • Develop guidelines for considering cumulative and secondary impacts, and develop permit-tracking system.

  • Support coastal nonpoint-source pollution control program.

Last Modified: July 24, 2007

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